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flash artist needed

2009-01-20 22:57:46 by hitman-kill-3

real quik here is the deal i need a good flash artist that will animate my new script any one interested please send me a pm the i will give him-her my email and a copy of the introduction to tell me what they think and if they are up to the chalenge well thats all thnx!!!

p.s. o in case you are wondering its about zombies o know its not very original but it has a good story line and awesome plot

well as u may knowu can make cell themes on web pages but as my first theme i ended up all newgroundsy and this is my creaation just grab this link-> and u can down load it theres more themes i made so feel free to check them out and download witch ever u want wel thats it just to fill the blank spaces theres more original work by yours trully

NG themes for nokia cell phones

well any way Enzer0 has informe that ORION SPARTANS pt 2 is going to be out next week and expect it to be a front pager like the last one ( for all those of u that dont know what orion spartans is heres the digg : its an alternate story to halo but with allmost the same characters but it rocks!!!!)
anyway Enzer0 and athila have been working on this one very hard soo i expect and KNOW that hard work pays off , be sure to watch pt 1 first then when pt 2 is out you will have to see it 'cause youll love pt 1 som much yuoll have to see pt 2

with out urther adoo heres a pic just to fill up the blank spaces
note:(the graffiti was made by yours truly so if u like the pic pm me and ill show more of my original work)

well avoir mes amis!!

orions spartans part 2!!!!!